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I remember picking up my dad’s DSLR for the first time, pointed at one of my sisters and told her to smile. I can’t recall exactly what I was thinking at that very moment but one thing was for sure, I wanted to keep clicking. I must have taken over 20 images of her in the same pose, but realized that only one of them stood out. I analyzed why I chose the one image and thought, she looked comfortable, had a big genuine smile and eyes sparkled with joy. It looked so simple...yet fascinating! That photo captured an unforgettable memory of our little conversation, pretending to be models and laughing at our poses. Sometimes I think back to that day and still chuckle.

I began my photography journey as a Portrait Photographer back in 2008, mainly because I loved working with people. I’ve learned to work with and direct moving subjects to find moments in between, and bring them to life…to forever cherish.

My photography grew in a new direction when I decided attend Seattle Central Creative Academy, majoring in Commercial Photography in 2011. I wanted to make this specific decision a career and not just a chapter I once had. I wanted a challenge and strive to improve my creative skills both on set and as a professional. My biggest pride in what I do is captivating an emotion in each subject’s eyes, and have them narrate the rest of the story.

As an aspiring Artist, I believe in putting forth every strength of determination and creativity each day that I pick up my camera. My work focuses on interpreting the value of perfection to the most basic manifestation that it’s just a reflection in the mirror.

“Simplicity is beautiful." I look forward to working with you to bring your vision to life!


Fashion  |  Lifestyle  |  Portraits  |  Weddings  |  Image Editing + Manipulation  |  Videography + Editing  |  Media Design

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